Supply Chain Media is finalizing research for 3PL Subway Map Europe

SCM 3PL Subway Map Europe 2018

For the 7th  time, Supply Chain Movement will publish an overview of the European market of Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies. This overview will be represented in the 3PL Subway Map Europe with all the major established logistics service providers and their proven track record in Europe.
In order to be published on this subway map, 3PL companies are providing the necessary information to be positioned accurately. They also answer the question of which competitors they come across regularly during logistics tenders.

Supply Chain Movement’s 3PL Subway Map of Europe will visualize the various specializations of the logistics service providers in Europe for the seventh consecutive year. The allocation of a subway station along a line for a specific service is based on the number of customers and the percentage of the total revenue for this service.

Download: Input form 3PL Subway Map Europe – Supply Chain Movement 2019

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