inNOWvate Supply Chain

Learn how to turn your own ideas into reality during inNOWvate, the supply chain sector’s leading interactive innovation event!

“Research has shown that most innovations within startups are thought up by people who work together in the same space at an average of nine metres apart. In other words, in order to innovate it’s essential to connect with the right people – both those you already know and those you don’t. Innovation is definitely not only limited to startups; there’s plenty of innovation within corporate environments too. But the ‘startup mindset’ is very interesting and can help more established companies to innovate.

7 reasons not to miss inNOWvate

  • Learn from influential management experts and keynote speakers including Fons Trompenaars
  • See the latest technologies and networking opportunities in the Innovation Zone
  • Hear from supply chain startups as they present their solutions and compete for a €40,000 marketing budget in the first-ever Supply Chain Startup Contest
  • Join the break-out sessions for updates on how innovative solutions are being applied in practice
  • Get to know the nominees for the 2018 Supply Chain Professional of the Year Award and hear former winners’ tips for how to innovate successfully.
  • Discover exhibitors’ latest supply chain solutions
  • Exchange knowledge with other supply chain professionals about their innovations and real-life experiences

inNOWvate Supply Chain

Target audience

Supply Chain Director, Supply Chain Manager, VP Supply Chain, Director Logistics & ICT, Supply Chain Development Manager, Entrepreneur, Supply Chain Consultant, Logitics/Warehouse manager, Operations manager, Managing director, Supply Chain young professionals, Supply Chain students

inNOWvate Supply Chain

 Keynote Paul Iske


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