High level of work-related stress among logistics employees

work-related stress

Three out of five logistics employees say they are currently experiencing work-related stress, according to research by Quinyx, a vendor of AI-based workforce-planning software.

The biggest stress factor among logistics workers is the fear that they don’t earn enough to pay the bills (46%). Second on the list is a lack of flexibility in working hours (44%), followed by working too much (36%).

“This survey highlights the importance of addressing the stress factors experienced by logistics employees – not only to support their well-being, but also to improve workplace efficiency and job satisfaction,” said CHRO Toma Pagojute from Quinyx.

Quitting due to work-related stress

Work-related stress is also cited as a possible reason for high staff turnover among logistics workers. For example, one in four employees say they have considered quitting or changing jobs due to work-related stress. Furthermore, two out of five transport workers indicate that reducing job-related stress would increase their engagement at work.

The survey was conducted among 800 logistics workers, including those working in transport, warehousing, shipping and distribution. The survey formed part of a larger study by Quinyx among 2,000 frontline employees (retail, hospitality and logistics) in the Netherlands, aimed at gaining more insight into frontline workers’ needs.