Handling big supply chain data visual displays

Many companies are struggling to cope with rapidly growing volumes of data from both within and outside of their organisations. For most of them, the tools they use to analyse the data and make decisions based on it are not capable of supporting the data’s diversity, complexity and time sensitivity. Which is why, according to Space-Time Insight, a new breed of software is emerging: situational intelligence.

As a company gets smarter and more efficient, this in turn generates ever-larger piles of spreadsheets, more detailed and richer information as a result of real-time feeds from geographically distributed assets and third party sources, and a wealth of information embedded in individual enterprise applications running throughout the entire company.

Situational intelligence

Space-Time Insight believes that this creates a need for situational intelligence. Situational intelligence does not mean that companies have to replace their existing software or IT systems. Instead, Space-Time Insight supplies intuitive visual displays. These incorporate all the information and applications which are necessary to identify any problem areas, determine the root cause of those problems and take quick, effective action to rectify them. Space-Time Insight is primarily active in the oil & gas, transport, telecoms and utilities sectors. The company’s European headquarters are in France.

Space-Time Insight