Graduate Thesis: ‘Opportunities in Istanbul’

Logo-Supply-Chain-Media-medium-150x49My name is Sevim Garip, I am 21 years old and I am studying Marketing & International Management at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands.

Currently I am doing an internship at Supply Chain Media and I am writing my graduate thesis at the same time.

The topic of my thesis is:

“Business opportunities for Supply Chain Media in Istanbul.”

I will be answering the central research question:

In which manner can Supply Chain Media respond to the interest in Istanbul for Supply Chain Management and how can they seize the opportunities?

In order to answer this CRQ, I will research subjects such as: advertisers, readers, competitor analysis, differences in business culture between the Netherlands and Turkey, costs of doing business in Istanbul, the role of cultural differences, destep analysis etc.

With your help, I will be able to answer some of the sub-questions and eventually finish writing my thesis. After the approval of my thesis I will be a graduate by the end of this summer.