Global SCALE Risk Initiative

How can a company quickly and efficiently identify and visually display the weakest links in the supply chain? This is the main question of the project to automate supply chain risk displays by MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics in Boston.

The MIT Global SCALE Risk Initiative studies the impact of supply chain risks on uniquely global supply chains.  To launch this initiative, MIT conducted a global survey of supply chain risks and risk management. This survey was targeted at supply chain, finance, and general business managers in manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies.  Study teams were established in 11 countries.  The survey was translated into 9 languages and dialects.

The survey findings have been written up in three white papers, each of which is accompanied by a 5-minute video presentation of the same results.

Key members of the team at MIT:
• Overall Project and North America Coordination: Dr. Bruce Arntzen,
• European Coordination: Prof. María Jesus Saenz,
• Latin American Coordination: Ms. Isabel Agudelo,