Gender diversity checklist for managers

diversity checklist for managers

Lack of gender diversity is a persistent problem in the workplace. The topic has been a key priority for senior executives for years, because diversity makes an important contribution to innovation, but little has improved in practice. To bring about real change, action is needed from various sides: female high potentials, HR departments and direct supervisors/managers. Following on from our checklist for women themselves, we have now designed this one for direct supervisors/managers. 

Even when gender diversity is on a company’s agenda, few women have confidence in the organization’s ability to actually implement change. One reason for this is the gap between what the HR department says, and what women see happening in practice. However, direct supervisors/managers also have an important role to play in closing the gap by launching concrete initiatives and measuring their effects – such as by focusing on pay equity.

From the bottom up

If companies initiate improvement programmes, they are often focused on appointing more women to top-level roles. However, the common metaphor of the ‘glass ceiling’ is misleading, because it suggests that women only experience problems when they near the top of the organization. In actual fact, the problem starts much earlier; women are less likely to be promoted in middle and lower positions too. As a result, organizations lose female talent at every level, leaving very few women to head for the top. Direct supervisors/managers can consciously encourage female high potentials to make upward career moves.

The right steps

As a direct supervisor/manager, are you taking steps to help your company improve gender diversity? Supply Chain Media has developed three practical checklists to assess the diversity gap, from the perspective of female high potentials, direct supervisors/managers and HR managers. These 10 questions are for direct supervisors/managers. Download the checklist below.

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Download: Gender diversity checklist for managers