Gartner researches representation of women in Supply Chain roles

Gartner is currently researching the representation of women in supply chain roles at different levels in the organization, for the second consecutive year.

The analists are trying to answer questions such as: How many women are currently working in European supply chains? What kind of supply chain roles do they fulfill? How are companies engaged in to better attract, develop, and retain women in supply chain organizations?

The purpose is to determine whether the representation of women in Supply Chain roles at different levels progresses over time, and to highlight specific activities companies are engaged in to better attract, develop, retain and advance women in supply chain organizations.

Gartner has built this survey, intended for all supply chain practitioners in Europe; both women and men can fill out the questionnaire. By answering a couple of questions about the organization you work with, you will help create insight in the existing institutional landscape of women in supply chains.

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At the beginning of the survey you will be asked a few questions to confirm you are eligible to complete this study.

If you qualify and complete the survey, Gartner will email you a summary of the results, free of charge. Key findings of last year’s research you can download here.