Extra online sales channel for chemical companies

In response to recent market changes in the chemical industry, logistics service provider TWO Chemical Logistics (TWO) has developed a new web portal. This e-commerce solution has been designed as a platform to facilitate contact between chemical producers, trading companies and logistics providers.

Producers and traders can use the ‘Chemical Web Shop’ as an extra online sales channel, with, should they wish, a direct link from their corporate websites. “There is now no need for chemical companies to invest in their own web shops,” comments Gerd Geurtz, E-commerce Team Leader at TWO, “because we’ve already done it for them.” So far, the most difficult thing TWO has had to deal with, has been incorporating customer-specific pricing. “We soon found a way around that,” adds Geurtz, “and the web shop is also an ideal place for selling surplus stock anonymously.” Other benefits include the web shop being accessible 24 hours a day and customers being able to see whether or not items are in stock somewhere, even if they are not physically in stock in TWO’s own warehouse.

“We have kept the initial investment to a minimum,” adds Operations Director Paul Aerts. “Companies are required to pay a small registration charge and a monthly subscription fee, but these are nominal amounts. Any other costs are variable and depend on the size of the transaction,” he explains. By integrating the web shop’s content management system into its warehouse management and transport system, which in turn controls the distribution process, TWO has also managed to drastically reduce the cost of entering orders into the system manually.

The web shop offers customers a number of payment options but TWO recommends initially using iDeal, credit card, or paying by invoice if the vendor offers that option. The web shop also checks automatically whether or not customers have the necessary permits. “Customers have to provide us with a copy of their permits,” says Geurtz. Affiliated vendors don’t have to worry about anything: TWO takes care of the promotion of the web shop portal, and can even manage the content on a vendor’s behalf, if required.