Experience the power of remote supply chain learning

Experience the power of remote supply chain learning

Supply Chain Media and Involvation organized the webinar “Experience the power of remote supply chain learning” on Thursday May 28 2020. 62 Attendees joined the webinar live.

Companies are currently in the “sense and respond” mode. Rightfully so, hopefully we’ll move to a more “predict and prepare” mode soon. In addition distance has become a factor and we have to work remote. Most companies experienced remote working by now, some are taking the first steps in remote learning. But how does effective and innovative remote learning really work?

Supply chain consulting firm Involvation already has years of experience in blended learning. Remote learning has always been an integral part of their blended learning approach. Over the years new innovative remote components and tools, like a 3D environment, have been introduced.

Supply Chain Media has developed an online knowledge bank with Machine Learning. This “Netflix for Supply Chain” with personalized supply chain content is particularly suitable for the onboarding of new employees and talent development.

In the interactive webinar by Involvation and Supply Chain Media the following topics were discussed:
• Why continuous learning is crucial
• How to engage colleagues and associates
• How to design a learning program
• How to build a blended learning program
• Best practices of remote learning examples
• New innovative remote learning tools like 3D learning
• The pros and cons of remote learning options
• The future of supply chain learning

Missed the webinar?

The recorded webinar is available on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Media. The slide deck is available for download below.

Download: Experience the power of remote supply chain learning