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Webinar: Enterprise Blockchain trends to watch in 2020

Wednesday | 13 May 2020 | 11:00h - 12:00h

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The blockchain hype is over, the tech is here to stay.

As blockchain matures, we see a clear shift in adoption. Enterprises are moving away from experimental proof-of-concepts toward real business-ready solutions. The question of executives is no longer ‘Will blockchain work for us?’ but ‘How can we make blockchain work for us?’.

Despite the shared belief in the potential of blockchain, each industry’s blockchain journey is unique. We see clear differences in blockchain adoption, investments, and technology usage across individual industries. In this webinar we will bring you up to speed about the trends that are shaping the enterprise blockchain landscape in 2020.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Who is ahead of the game when it comes to in-production applications?
  • How are industries investing in blockchain?
  • Which trends will dominate the blockchain technology?