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Warehouse Automation & E-fulfilment

April 24 | 16:00h - 17:00h

Warehouse Automation & E-fulfilment

In 2021, there were a record-breaking 490,000 vacancies in the warehousing and transportation sector, according to The Washington Post, and that number continues to rise. On the other hand, there are reports that robotics and automation are taking over people’s jobs. Are warehouse operatives right to worry about being replaced by robots? It helps to gain insight into the root of their concern and the benefits of robots from an employee’s perspective.

Quick, accurate and cost-effective order fulfilment in the warehouse is essential for successful e-commerce to consumers. It is becoming ever clearer that brand manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers need to expand their current fulfilment operations to remain competitive. So how can businesses improve their existing activities to operate faster, more flexibly and more effectively?

Register for this interactive SCM Webinar Wednesday and learn about Warehouse Automation & E-fulfilment.