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Resilient Supply Chains Start With Resilient Leaders

February 22 | 16:00h - 17:30h


We are witnessing an increase in the frequency and severity of global disruptions that are impacting supply chains and too often leading to drastic financial losses for organizations. The growing focus on sustainability and the fast pace of technological advancements are also increasing the pressure on organizations to incorporate flexibility and foresight into their overall strategy.
These are just some of the reasons why supply chain resilience has become more critical than ever.

In this live webinar from Supply Chain Media, supply chain experts Knut Alicke and David Strauss will discuss with Martijn Lofvers the importance of supply chain leaders and the key attributes that are necessary to build a robust and adaptable supply chain and achieve resilience. Our expert panel will look to answer several pressing questions, such as:
· Why are resilient leaders critical to resilient supply chains?
· What abilities should resilient leaders have, that would, in turn, help ensure that organizations as a whole are resilient?
· How can supply chain leaders prepare their organizations for future disruptions?

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