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Omni-channel fulfilment & WMS

April 26 | 16:00h - 17:30h


Rather than being a necessary evil for retailers, the supply chain has now become a key success factor for greater customer satisfaction. According to Consafe Logistics during a Supply Chain Media webinar on omnichannel warehouse management systems (WMS), this calls for a different approach to planning and control of the warehouse processes. Handling orders as efficiently as possible is no longer the top priority. It has been replaced by fulfilling promises to customers – and a waveless WMS offers the solution.

From waves to a waveless WMS

Among other things, this requires a different approach to managing the order picking process in the warehouse. So far, the process has been aimed at maximum efficiency with large store orders, often comprising dozens of order lines, being collated in the WMS. The WMS subsequently uses algorithms to allocate all the order lines to the order pickers as efficiently as possible. The same process is repeated, with a new ‘wave’ of order lines washing over the warehouse every two to four hours. “The sole goal of these waves is to keep the order picking process running as efficiently as possible. And the bigger the wave is, the bigger the efficiency gains are,” he continued.

But that no longer works in an omnichannel operation. In addition to large store orders, the warehouse also has to pick consumer orders that cannot wait for the next wave. “If you want to offer fast delivery, a WMS with wave-based planning creates major challenges. The alternative is a waveless warehouse management system that is focused on fulfilling promises rather than reducing costs. To keep customers happy, it’s sometimes necessary to prioritize certain orders. Customer satisfaction should be the factor that determines when orders are released to the floor.”

Be prepared for the webinar by downloading the Roadmap to omni-channel order fulfilment  and the mindmap for fulfilment automation

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