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Multimodal Europe – 2015

Thursday | 19 March 2015

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old-event1Multimodal Europe – 2015
Date: 19 March 2015
Venue: Hotel Sound Garden, Warsaw (Poland)
Organisation: Eurologistics
URL: http://www.multimodal.com.pl/


The main topic of the all- day meeting will be European and global solutions for transport and logistics offered on the market and the opportunities of container, intermodal carriages in our region. Many logistic companies are effectively developing their offer of railway carriages. Poland, due to its geographical location is becoming a transshipment centre for entire Europe. Another trend that is being observed, is placing the operations in Poland which are related to processing and preparing the goods for sale. More and more production and trade companies due to the logistical costs decide on multimodal and combined transports. Not without significance remain the matters connected with the environmental protection, but the ‘green’ issues must go hand in hand with the economy.
The rail carriages of trailers are developing significantly, what can be observed by the increased share of carried intermodal trailers compared to the carriage of containers. On certain routes trailers account for over 60% of all train set. As a result the carriers’ interest in this type of transport is growing. Until recently, most owners of transport companies could not imagine another way of transporting goods than by trucks. Presently the economical situation (lack of drivers, legislative issues, difficulties in road transport occurring in many countries) is forcing the entrepreneurs to look for alternative ways of carrying cargo.


  • Are the logistics operators ready to shift some part of the supply chain to rail? Part 2.
  • Price effects of the new sulfur policy in the logistics sector.
  • Global, container connections.
  • What are the possibilities of organizing rail transport within the country.
  • New European rail connections.
  • Observation of cargo in organizing mixed transport.
  • Do transport companies want to develop services in the sector of rail carriage?
  • Legal changes in sea transport.
  • Air cargo – development or stagnation?
  • The condition of sea transport in Europe and in the world.
  • Experiences of manufacturing companies in using multimodal transport.
  • Polish window on the world. The port of Gdańsk and its possibilities.
  • Do Polish river terminals stand a chance of becoming a part of the supply chains for other goods than dry goods?
  • The fully multimodal ‘door to door’ – logistics services combining road, rail and sea transports.

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