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Integrated Supply Chain – Turkey – 2016

Wednesday | 4 May 2016 - Thursday | 5 May 2016

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Integrated Supply Chain – Turkey
Date: 4-5 May 2016
Venue: Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel (TR)
Organisation: Integrated Supply Chain
URL: isc-turkey-2016-en.integratedsupplychain.org/



How the new age of the Supply Chain can help Turkish companies outperform the market – and how ignoring it could accelerate their decline

2015 has been a tough year for Turkey both economically and politically. Like many of the other MINT countries and those in the BRICS, the initial optimism over the growth spurt has been dampened and expectations adjusted. Turkish companies are now facing a period of uncertainty and will have to work harder just to maintain their top and bottom lines. The easy life, if it ever existed, is well and truly over. This means that supply chains need to become more than just efficient, and supply chain leaders are now having to change their thinking beyond simply focusing on cost reductions, trucks fill rates, inventory optimisation and warehouse utilisation.

As well as the economic slowdown, the very nature and behaviour of customers, competitors and even countries have all changed and the world of supply chain needs to adapt – quickly. Supply chain has to progress from an operational and tactical focus – to a strategic one. This requires a new set of skills, and as a result a new style of Supply Chain leader has started to emerge – business savvy, risk aware, technologically competent and with a deeper understanding of the supply chain’s role in delivering value to the customer.

The language has also changed; supply chain professionals need to understand and internalise the impact of big data, omni-channel consumer purchasing, automation, alternative fuel options, digital marketing – the old world of simply worrying about production lines, trucks and sheds has long gone! Technology is exponentially advancing, leading to science fiction becoming supply chain fact – autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, mobile shopping, delivery drones, intelligent vending machines and the Internet of Things are now just over the horizon, or in some cases already here.

To respond to this onslaught of change, the Supply Chain professional of the future needs to understand business strategies and value propositions as much as they understand inventory and logistics. The challenge is to get the objectives clear and develop the necessary segmentation models. What use is big data if no-one can help you to manage small data!

At ‘ISC’ Turkey 2016 now in its third year, we will be discussing all these issues, as well as how delegates will learn how to:

  • Handle this new world of multi-channel demand signals
  • Incorporate a sustainability focus within their Supply Chain Strategy
  • Create a culture that attracts and retains the best Supply Chain talent
  • Improve the identification and management of risk
  • Prepare for the Personalised, Automated and Localised future Supply Chain

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