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Free webinar on reducing supply chain costs

Monday | 31 October 2011

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Oliver Wight Webinar shows how Supply Chain Benchmarking can reduce supply chain costs by 50%
Date and time: 31st October 2011 at 2:15pm (BST)
Location: the comfort of your own home
Organisation: Oliver Wight
Event website: http://www.wtgwebinar.com

Business Improvement specialist, Oliver Wight EAME, is hosting an interactive webinar on supply chain benchmarking for senior executives of manufacturing, distribution, service and government organisations on 31st October 2011 at 2:15pm (BST).  Delegates will learn how benchmarking can help them to provide best-in-class service, whilst reducing supply chain costs by 50% or more.

This free-to-attend interactive webinar will last one hour and is suitable for organisations of all sizes, including those with matrix structures and multiple supply chains. It will be led by Oliver Wight associates Liam Harrington and Flavio Pietrocola and will help attendees to understand how benchmarking supply chain performance can identify performance gaps, reveal financial scope of the gains that can be made, and provide a detailed roadmap for improvements.

Harrington believes supply chain benchmarking is now a more important issue than ever before. “With continued uncertainty in the worldwide economy, it is vital you know where your business stands,” he says.  “Ignorance is not bliss; in fact it’s a very dangerous business practice.  If your competitor’s supply chain is delivering better service than yours, you’ll find out eventually but if you don’t take the initiative, it might be the hard way.“

Liam Harrington has over 40 years experience helping a wide range of companies, in a variety of industry sectors, to improve their supply chain performance and achieve business excellence.  Flavio Pietrocola has worked with organisations all over Europe and has an in-depth knowledge of project management, finance, HR and supply chain management.

To register for the webinar visit http://www.wtgwebinar.com or call Oliver Wight on 01452 397 209.