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11th annual Global Customs Compliance

Tuesday | 15 March 2016

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11th annual Global Customs Compliance
Date: 15 March, 2016
Venue: The Hotel Brussels, Belgium
Organizer: C5 Communications Limited
Url: www.c5-online.com/2016/501/global-customs-compliance/overview


Customs compliance necessitates staying on top of requirements across the globe

EU customs are undergoing the biggest changes in over 20 years and any company trading in Europe needs to be prepared.

Daily customs functions don’t stand still while companies prepare for the UCC; to run an effective customs compliance programme, it’s imperative not only to keep up with local changes, but also to keep up with global customs requirements.

At the same time, customs professionals need to classify, value, determine, save, file, etc. It’s essential that companies have an arsenal of leading strategies for ensuring proper classification, accurate valuations, precise origin determination, maximum duties savings and correctly filed documents that work not only locally but along the global supply chain.

Highlights include:

  • Insights on customs requirements from an international government speaking faculty made up of: Belgian customs, Swedish customs, Her Majesty’s revenue and customs, World customs organisation, World trade organisation
  • Find out how your thoughts on customs compliance compare to those of your counterparts in other businesses and industries during interactive audience polling sessions
  • Discover how important Authorised Economic Operator certification will be post UCC
  • Join intimate, practical discussion groups covering real life challenges surrounding customs challenges in the regions that you trade in and the items that you trade
  • Gain the fundamentals of customs compliance and export controls at a specially designed Master Class

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