Enrique Lopez-Tello, Oracle: ‘Getting to the next normal with IBP & Execution

Partner Presentation Oracle - Enrique Lopez-Tello

The key supply chain lesson of COVID-19 is that when market conditions change fast, being prepared matters more than ever. Leveraging systems that support visibility, rapid decision-making, and flexible response. Because when an unexpected world event strikes, you need to work with the tools you have in hand.

During inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2020, Patrick Smets, Supply Chain Innovation Strategist at Oracle, and Enrique Lopez-Tello, VP Industry Strategy Group at Oracle, highlighted the supply chain challenges they see on a global scale, and how Oracle is helping her customers to respond to the new unique demands in this time of crisis.

Continuous innovation is central to enabling organisations to sustain business performance, whilst also avoiding the risk of gradual deterioration as disruption, complexity, and risk increase. Oracle Cloud Integrated Business Planning & Execution (IBPX) connects Finance and Supply Chain Operations to create a single end-to-end planning platform that serves the COO and the CFO alike. In addition, IBPX uses the latest advanced technologies embedded in our products (advanced analytics, in-line scenario planning, Monte Carlo simulations, AI/ML and more) to deliver net new business value to Oracle customers.  Our customers use IBPX to adapt to unexpected events that could affect their future performance.

Did you miss inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2020 live?

The partner presentation of Oracle is recorded and published on the YouTube channel of Supply Chain Movement. The slides of the presentation are available for downloading below.

Download: InNOWvate Partner Presention – Oracle