Effective marketing communication for supply chain professionals

Supply chain professionals are generally more focused on the practical side of their discipline and less focused on promoting that discipline or networking.

Companies that want to communicate effectively about their supply chains, whether with suppliers, investors, customers or internally with their own employees, often lack the necessary tools. When it comes to improving understanding of and fostering support for the supply chain organisation, face-to-face communication is indispensable. In practice, however, it is often impossible to speak to everyone in person. Supply Chain Media can help companies to choose the right strategy and offers manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers a platform for marketing communication and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, Supply Chain Media can advise supply chain professionals and help them to create relevant, high-quality content. For example, one effective way to convey a message to all stakeholders can be a corporate magazine about the company’s supply chain strategy.


In all communication activities, Supply Chain Media connects the ‘transmitter’ to the ‘receiver’ of the message by combining Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning with the four-step AIDA model, which describes how to encourage a target group to take action.

In addition to the various ways of promoting their own discipline, supply chain managers based in the Netherlands have been able to join the Supply Chain Professionals Club since 2012, within which members share knowledge and exchange ideas with their peers. Members are also eligible for free attendance at events organised by Supply Chain Media and its partners. At international level, professionals can join the SCM Executive Club.

For more information about these business clubs and the opportunities for custom publishing, please see Supply Chain Media’s completely new corporate website.