Edgar Beers from Vanderlande named as Supply Chain Professional 2015

Edgar Beers has been chosen as the new figurehead of Dutch supply chain management. The Director Global Supply Chain & CPO of Vanderlande Industries fought off the two other formidable finalists, Edith van Erp-Slot (Mars Nederland) and Peter Meyer (Brezan Automaterialen), to clinch the title of Supply Chain Professional of the Year 2015 on Wednesday 10 June 2015.

Head judge Jack van der Veen (Nyenrode Business University) explained that important selection criteria included authenticity, presentation skills, excellence in one’s own context and the ability to look beyond cultural borders. Beers was tremendously proud and happy that he had taken the risk of showing what he regards as a ‘progressive supply chain’. He expressed his thanks for the trust placed in him as Supply Chain Professional 2015, saying: “I will try my hardest to do justice to this role.”

Beers was presented with the trophy by last year’s winner, Jeroen van Weesep (Lego). “Use your head, your hands and your heart,” advised Van Weesep. For him, the title meant recognition for his team within Lego plus it helped him to put the supply chain discipline on a “firmer footing”. “Although I live in The Netherlands, I don’t work here,” he said. “This title has generated lots of interaction for me abroad.”

In addition to securing the eternal fame associated with the award, the winner received two prizes. DnA Languages presented the Supply Chain Professional 2015 with a personal prize: a language course of his choice. Without a second thought, Beers announced: “German! I spend a lot of time in Germany, but I can’t get much further than basic chit-chat.” Meanwhile the team prize, a management game to play with the entire supply chain team, was courtesy of PwC.

About the Supply Chain Professional of the Year Award

Launched in 2008 as an initiative of Supply Chain Media in collaboration with BLMC, the Supply Chain Professional Award is an annual event that culminates in a final held aboard the Spido boat James Cook which sails through Rotterdam and the surrounding area. On board, several brief interactive sessions moderated by industry experts enable fellow supply chain professionals to question the nominees about their most significant practical challenges.

This year’s three finalists were chosen after completing various assessments. A decisive stage in this process was the so-called ‘Leary’s Rose’.

The 2015 finalists

  • Edgar Beers, Director Global Supply Chain & CPO, Vanderlande Industries
  • Edith van Erp-Slot, Market Logistics Director, Mars Nederland
  • Peter Meyer, Supply Chain Director, Brezan Automaterialen

The judging panel

  • Jack van der Veen, EVO Chair Supply Chain Management, Nyenrode Business University
  • Edwin van der Meerendonk, Vice President European Supply Chain Operations, Walt Disney
  • Jeroen van Weesep, VP Supply Chain Planning and Logistics EMEA and APAC, Lego Group
  • Allison Thomas, Supply Chain Director, CS&L Transformation, PepsiCo Europe
  • Erik Brouwer, Regional Director Supply Chain, Perfetti van Melle
  • Michel van Buren, Director, BLMC


The award winner received a tailor-made business language course of his choice, courtesy of DnA Languages, and as a team prize a management game to play with the entire supply chain team, developed and provided by PwC.


The sponsors who provided the moderators for the event on board the boat this year were: Consafe Logistics, DSV Solutions, PwC and Slimstock. MP Objects and ShipitSmarter were sub-sponsors.

Previous winners

2015 is the eighth consecutive year that Supply Chain Media and BLMC have organised the Supply Chain Professional of the Year Award.

  • 2014 Jeroen van Weesep, Vice President Supply and Inventory Management Europe/Asia, Lego
  • 2013 Allison Thomas, Supply Chain Director Benelux, PepsiCo Nederland
  • 2012 Erik Botter, Director Purchasing & Logistics, Pearle Benelux
  • 2011 Frank Schaapveld, Senior Director Supply Chain EMEA, Medtronic
  • 2010 Erik Bouwer, Director Supply Chain Management North-West Europe, Perfetti Van Melle
  • 2009 John van Dongen, Director Demand Flow Planning & Scheduling Europe, Electrolux Home Products
  • 2008 Edwin van der Meerendonk, Vice President European Operations, Walt Disney