Ebook Continuous supply chain design: a blueprint for supply chain resiliency

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Supply chains have been hit hard with multiple crises and disasters in recent years. In these times of rapid change and disruption, the imperative for supply chain agility and resiliency is more important than ever. Old ways of planning driven by static assumptions around supply chain design simply can’t keep pace. Organizations now need a fast and data-driven means to determine risk exposure level, consider substitutions, evaluate inventory, enhance network resilience, and create a framework for more rapid, more intelligent decision making.

Adopting a continuous design philosophy helps your organization change with the times. Continuous design is the development and ongoing refinement of optimal supply chain structures, policies, and flows. This is achieved through analysis, scenario planning, and simulation with end-to-end digital models, fueled by AI and powerful algorithmic engines.

The digital twin: a key enabler of continuous design

The supply chain digital twin allows organizations to recreate their supply chain in the virtual world and quickly test scenarios in a risk-free manner to learn how decisions will impact the environment. When the supply chain is designed to adapt and evolve, organizations will be prepared to make tradeoffs, optimize policies, simulate situations, and accelerate the time between making and executing decisions. This builds resiliency and enables the supply chain to respond to whatever disruption is on the horizon.

Organizations that embrace the vision of a continuous supply chain design paradigm enjoy outsized financial and operational benefits and turn their supply chain challenges into a competitive advantage.

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