Easy-to-read book about supply chain circularity

Circular Supply Chain

Supply chain circularity is not an easy topic, but Deborah Dull succeeds in bringing it to life with a sense of humour in the cheerful and light-hearted book ‘Circular Supply Chain’.

“Circularity is a great, big, super-cool chance to do what we do best,” the American author writes in her preface as she addresses supply chain professionals. “Circular supply chains are full of impossible constraints and complicated systems – and you love it, right?”

Despite the casual tone, the issues covered in the book are no laughing matter. The fifth industrial revolution is coming. Raw materials are running out. The planet is getting hotter due to CO2 emissions. How can you make do with fewer raw materials? Where can you get recycled materials as inputs? What technology is needed to connect circular supply chains together? These are questions that all supply chain professionals will face sooner or later.

The book can be read without too much effort in just a few hours, making it ideal for vacations. It also lacks the patronizing tone that other books sometimes have. This publication answers the 17 most frequently asked questions about circularity, and it might even give you some new ideas for your own supply chain operation.

Circular Supply Chain


Circular Supply Chain (2021), Deborah Dull, 146 pages, €14.99