E-fulfilment course for people on the margins of the labour market

e-fulfilment course

Scalabor is an employment development company based in the Dutch city of Arnhem that gives people on the margins of the labour force the opportunity to improve their skills. They can then use the experience they gain to re-enter the job market. The company has recently launched a new e-fulfilment service in a collaborative partnership with PostMasters.

A lot of warehouses are located in the central Netherlands region, and more are being opened all the time. Just over a year ago, Scalabor introduced an e-fulfilment course and department providing inventory management, order picking and national/international parcel shipment services for online stores. “Every morning we receive an order showing the product’s location number so that an employee can find it in the warehouse. We then pack the product and ship the order to the customer via PostMasters,” says Cantor Barten, Division Manager at Scalabor, when describing the logistics process.

Corporate social responsibility

With this new concept, Scalabor is responding to the demand for logistics workers and also to the growing need for companies to shoulder their corporate social responsibility. “Scalabor relieves the burden of the logistics process on webshops while also providing high-quality training to people on the margins of the labour force so that they can ultimately re-enter the job market,” says Barten, highlighting the organization’s unique approach. He believes that corporate social responsibility is becoming ever-more important and that customers increasingly expect it of their suppliers. “By outsourcing their logistics to us, they not only help to give disadvantaged people a chance of finding work, but they also improve their image in the market,” states Barten.