Dutch students develop maturity model omnichannel strategy

Which challenges are generally perceived to be crucial and which internal changes do retailers and webshops have to implement in order to address these challenges? Master students of Delft University in the Netherlands are currently running a survey focused on the Dutch market to answer these questions and to design a maturity model, that will provide insight in different industries and their maturity on realizing an omnichannel supply chain.

Together with Deloitte Consultancy, master students from the Delft University are identifying the key capabilities involved with the back-end operations of omnichannel. In an increasingly complex world, supply chain strategy is more and more becoming a important area. The introduction of the digital supply chain and the rise of internet in almost every household on the planet fortifies this trend. With the rise of the mobile shopper, the lines between the physical and digital channels start to blur. Merging these channels into one seamless experience is called omnichannel strategy. To excell in this relatively new field can provide competitive advantage. Succes is strongly related to the ability to not only implement changes in the front-end but also in the back-end operations.

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