Dutch bag brand Laauw secures American investment


The production of Dutch ‘slow fashion’ bag brand Laauw revolves around local craftsmanship, sustainability (vegetable-tanned leather), quality and supply chain transparency, and customers receive a lifetime warranty on all products. Founder Rob van Ravenstein’s commitment to a transparent business model is now attracting attention from American investors.

Van Ravenstein describes Laauw as the first Dutch bag brand to opt for radical transparency. Thanks to having an own factory in the Dutch town of Waalwijk, all aspects of the Laauw business can be kept in-house. He has an extremely ambitious vision for the bag brand; he aims to change the perception of not only leatherworking, but also of the entire ‘fast fashion’ world.

A 100%-transparent supply chain

American hospitality entrepreneurs Rens and Sandra Leijtens have announced that they will be investing in the brand, because they are convinced that the brand’s vision will catch on in the USA. On B2B platform ‘De Ondernemer’, Rens Leijtens states: “By opting for a 100%-transparent supply chain and sustainable production, Laauw is way ahead of the competition, even for the market here in the USA. It’s only a matter of time until this is picked up by the bigger brands.”

Laauw launched on Kickstarter platform

Laauw’s new collection was launched on 14 January, including through the American platform Kickstarter. “The goal is to raise at least $125,000 to $150,000 in sales in our first year, which will allow us to do the first production run for Laauw in the United States.” Ultimately, Leijtens and Van Ravenstein intend to establish a local and sustainable production chain for Laauw in the USA too.