Danone provides transparency into baby food manufacturing process


Danone is offering parents optimal transparency into how its baby food has been manufactured from now on. Together with Portera Technology, Danone has developed an innovative Track & Authenticate service that provides visibility into the dairy group’s supply chain for baby food products, which include the brands Nutrilon, Aptamil and Milupa. The service responds to the growing consumer desire for transparency, plus it gives Danone more insight into sourcing, control and production.

Track & Authenticate makes use of dual QR code technology in which both the inside and the outside of the packaging have a unique QR code. Consumers or retailers who scan the outer QR code will see a web page showing verified information about the origin of the Danone product. What sets this innovation apart is the second code on the inside of the packaging. It not only provides unique information but also, because the code is behind a tamper-proof seal, gives parents certainty that the product was indeed made by Danone.

Underlying technology

The underlying technology for Track & Authenticate is based on secure serialization and aggregation technology. This provides a secure method for storing data and information about the journey of each Danone product through the supply chain. Since the beginning of this project, Portera has worked closely with Danone to integrate these new technologies into the existing IT infrastructure so that they can also be easily rolled out in other markets.

Transparency and tracking

In addition to giving consumers transparency, Track & Authenticate also provides Danone with greater insight into consumer buying behaviour. This supports purchasing activities, inventory management and advanced forecasting, plus it opens up opportunities for Danone to provide one-on-one information and practical nutritional advice to parents. The company is also exploring ways to personalize offers, such as through identity and loyalty programmes. Besides Portera, more than a hundred farmers, manufacturers, importers and retailers contributed to the realization of this innovative project.