The Contract Scorecard

With ‘The contract scorecard’, author Sara Cullen guides her reader, step by step, through the various elements of an outsourcing contract. The ‘contract scorecard’ consists of four quadrants: quality, finance, relationship and strategy. Cullen starts out with a clear explanation of the development of KPIs, the drawing up of KPI schedules and planning the scorecard, then explains every quadrant in turn.

The many field cases give a clear idea of just what can go wrong if it is not recorded what the two parties expect from a contract: breach of confidence, long drawn-out lawsuits and very high costs. Cullen repeatedly stresses the importance of communication between the parties involved, and gives a number of practical pointers to this end in the chapter ‘relationship’. In addition to the cases, the many examples of KPIs and documentation are extremely useful if you mean to evaluate a contract yourself.