Contestants make final preparations for European supply chain start-up and scale-up awards

Supply Chain Start-up Award Europe

A total of 15 start-ups have been shortlisted for the 4th Supply Chain Start-up Award Europe, and nine scale-ups are shortlisted for the scale-up award. The four finalists in each category will be announced on 3 May 2021. They will then battle it out to be crowned the winners during the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event two weeks later.

Supply Chain Media has revealed the names of the 15 shortlisted supply chain start-ups and the nine shortlisted supply chain scale-ups who are in the running for its coveted annual European awards. After the four finalists in each category are announced on 3 May 2021, they will have approximately two weeks to make the final preparations for their pitches during the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event. The votes from the attendees of inNOWvate, which Supply Chain Media is once again organizing as a hybrid (both physical and online) event on 18 May, will play a role in the final decision about both winners.

To determine the four finalists for the 4th Supply Chain Start-up Award Europe and the four finalists for the scale-up award, all contestants are being assessed individually by an independent jury. This year, the jury consists of Aike Festini of LuckaBox (winning start-up in 2018), Jeroen van Weesep of Lego, Mathias Bosse of Seed + Speed Ventures, Thijs Gitmans of NBI-investors and Martijn Lofvers, founder of Supply Chain Media.

The jury will choose the finalists based on four criteria: the commercial potential, the disruptive character of the proposition (measure of innovation), the usability of the proposition, and the clarity of the proposition (commercial storytelling). Companies have been categorized into start-ups and scale-ups based on the methodology of Supply Chain Media’s Maturity Matrix for European supply chain start-ups.

Live pitches followed by voting

Each of the eight finalists will hold a three-minute pitch in a plenary session during the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event. In the case of the award for start-ups, the winner will be decided based on 50% jury voting and 50% public voting. The winner of the scale-up award will be decided based entirely on the public vote.


The 15 start-ups competing for the 4th Supply Chain Start-up Award Europe and a tailor-made marketing campaign worth €20,000 are:

  • Adabt – a collaborative logistics platform bringing trucking companies together with trading partners in one cloud-based network to improve data exchange and communication.
  • AFTS – a blockchain-based track & trace platform solution making it easy and efficient for users to gain knowledge about products, from source to shelf.
  • CargoLedger – a cost-saving blockchain-based e-CMR solution to build trust in data-driven supply chains, logistics and multi-leg transport.
  • Charry – a digital full-service logistics platform able to connect to almost any shop software and OMS system to offer a ship-from-store solution for all retailers and marketplaces.
  • Garvis – giving planners control over explainable, user-trainable artificial intelligence to help them gain superior shareable insights, reduce the forecasting error and save time.
  • Hedyla – a SaaS-based cloud platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize intralogistics activities, logistics nodes and last-mile distribution.
  • Last Mile Team – an urban logistics and last-mile delivery platform offering four product choices with complementary functionalities and the flexibility to change product at any time.
  • Kodiak Rating – a supplier relationship management (SRM) solution for global procurement teams that powers information/document management, risk management, supplier governance, ongoing performance evaluation and buyer-supplier collaboration.
  • Meili Robots – a universal third-party platform solution for the effective management of robot fleets.
  • Mysupply – a solution based on game-theory principles to automate sourcing, including analysing the offer status and supporting the effective use of digital negotiation strategies in order to increase efficiency and savings.
  • Safecube – a platform for international freight and asset management aimed at optimizing logistics and transport operations at national and international level, including sea freight.
  • Streamside – Streamliner is a cloud-based collaborative platform for order management, end-to end tracking, slot booking, reception management and claim handling.
  • TellApe – simple registration and monitoring of every loading and unloading moment to provide real-time insights into the amount of returnable packaging (reusable transport items) at each location and the total packaging stock.
  • Trackcol – a smart logistics platform connected to smart IoT trackers that measure different environmental conditions (such as location, temperature, humidity, light, shock, tilt, battery, CO2, etc.) to provide data about shipments and issue proactive alerts.
  • Winddle – a collaborative web platform that supports an end-to-end and agile approach to supply chain management by unifying data and streamlining collaboration between IT systems, supply teams and partners, from order to delivery.


The nine scale-ups competing for the coveted award and a tailor-made marketing campaign worth €10,000 are:

  • BigMile – a cloud-based platform for reporting, analysing and optimizing the CO2 emissions in the supply chain in line with official calculation methods, regulations and industry standards.
  • BuyCo – a cloud-based solution utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify and automate processes associated with container shipping operations, resulting in greater visibility.
  • Doks.innovation – solving the problem of insufficient stock data and cost-intensive stock-taking with SaaS products and hardware (drones, optical sensors, autonomous vehicles) to automate inventory data acquisition and evaluation.
  • Everysens – a transport & visibility management system that natively integrates visibility to logistics processes to plan, track and optimize all supply chain flows in real time.
  • Mixmove – a cloud solution aimed at tackling the environmental and inefficiency issues by ensuring maximum capacity utilization by connecting supply chains into a network and creating item-level visibility along the entire supply chain.
  • Postis – an open platform offering access to more than 150 carriers with one simple API integration.
  • Shipnext – a shipping marketplace and freight management platform using artificial intelligence to offer instant freight search, freight trading and supply chain management for any cargo.
  • Sixfold – a solution that uses machine learning and AI to tap into valuable business intelligence and improve real-time visibility into transport logistics to improve efficiency.
  • Synfioo – building a more efficient, fluent and interconnected supply chain by monitoring intermodal, global transport processes in real time, improving end-to-end transparency and communication and providing action-oriented information.

Online exposure for all

Even if they are not selected as one of the finalists, all contestants can present themselves in the Start-up & Scale-up Area in the digital lounge of the online platform called Airmeet during the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event.

The inNOWvate Supply Chain Event is being held as a hybrid event (on location at the Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht in the Netherlands and also online) on 18 May 2021. Click here for more information or to register.