Contact Tracer protects warehouse employees

Contact Tracer

A new solution from Körber called the InSight Contact Tracer can help to mitigate the impact of coronavirus in distribution operations. Contact Tracer is a strategic supply chain tool that tracks the locations of people, devices, orders and the corresponding use of equipment throughout the warehouse, protecting workers and operations.

We’re in unprecedented times due to COVID-19,” said Sean Elliott, Chief Technology Officer for Körber, a market leader in supply chain technology. According to him, more products, suppliers, distribution channels in conjunction with heightening consumer expectations are already making supply chains more complex by the day. Combine this with supply chain continuity in light of the recent pandemic and the complexity increases exponentially.

Contact Tracer can help to overcome this. The tool works with data from the warehouse management system (WMS) to monitor the potential movement of coronavirus. This can be adjusted in line with each company’s unique needs.


Examples include tracking the cycle of events and locations of an employee, devices (headsets, scanners, radios), equipment (pallet jacks, clamp truck, forklifts, carts) and inbound and outbound orders throughout the warehouse, narrowed to a specific timeframe. Additionally, companies have the insights to inform customers about any possible exposure of the contents of their orders to coronavirus.

Instead of conducting extensive manual research into hundreds of interactions, supply chain professionals can now instantly assess who, what, when and where is potentially impacted. Contact Tracer is available free of charge for Körber warehouse management systems worldwide.