Church & Dwight Improves Forecasting

Church & DwightChurch & Dwight Co, a manufacturer of household and personal care products, has selected Terra Technology’s Demand Sensing and Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization to lower inventory while ensuring high service levels. “Supply chain performance starts with the quality of the forecast, and in today’s volatile markets forecasts based on historical sales are no longer sufficient to meet our goals,” said Andrew Yeager, Director, Supply Chain Planning at Church & Dwight in a press release of 2 April 2014.

Church & Dwight chose Terra after a successful pilot demonstrated a significant improvement in forecast accuracy, enabling the company to better predict and respond to consumer demand. Yeager: “By sensing demand, we can now more accurately predict what our customers will order. This new level of accuracy combined with inventory optimization will allow us to improve customer service commitments with less stock, improve supply chain efficiency, and lower operating costs. We carefully evaluated and selected Terra after impressive pilot results and expert advice from industry leaders.”