Checklist: How visibility can become predictive

Checklist real-time transportation visibility

10 questions about real-time transportation visibility: How visibility can become predictive.

Transportation visibility is gaining momentum and fast becoming a ‘must have’ solution for many companies, regardless of their size, geography or industry.

According to IBM, 84% of chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) cite lack of visibility as their biggest challenge. Meanwhile, Gartner says that visibility is among the top three funded investment initiatives prioritized for many supply chain organizations.

Furthermore, in a survey by Supply Chain Media among 106 European supply chain directors and managers from the worlds of manufacturing, wholesale and retail, 27% of companies with an above-average level of supply chain maturity intend to invest in real-time transportation visibility. And five out of the ten logistics service providers surveyed separately plan to implement such software in the coming year.

Checklist for real-time transportation visibility

Supply chain software vendor Shippeo and Supply Chain Movement have drawn up this checklist to help you assess the effectiveness of your company’s last-mile delivery service. Download the checklist below and answer 10 questions to find out whether your transportation visibility is below par, reasonable or optimal.

Download: Checklist real-time transportation visibility

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