Checklist Forecasting as a Service (FaaS)

Checklist FaaS

10 questions about outsourcing statistical forecasting

Can your organization benefit from Forecasting as a Service (FaaS)? Chainalytics and Supply Chain Media have created this checklist to help you assess whether your organization should outsource its statistical forecasting.

Statistical forecasting is often a necessary supply chain planning tool for organizations with a large number of SKUs, disparate business units, unpredictable demand and/or seasonality. But as a company you need more than just technological applications and forecasting methods to support the complexities found in modern supply chains.

A challenge

Even with perfect software and good, clean data, statistical forecasting can be a challenge if you don’t have enough people or ones with the right experience. If you find yourself in this position, then you must decide if you want to ‘make’ the best team or ‘buy’ statistical forecasting as a service from a third-party provider.

Download: Checklist: Forecasting as a Service (FaaS)

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