Checklist for trade compliance in the supply chain

Checklist for trade compliance in the supply chain visual

10 questions about the regulations relating to cross-border freight flows

Most supply chains are international nowadays due to continuing globalization and the extensive outsourcing of production activities to low-wage countries. Trade compliance – adherence to international administrative rules and regulations – can seem like a necessary evil that isn’t part of the core business. But failure to comply can leave companies exposed to huge risks. This practical checklist for a trade-compliant supply chain helps you to ensure you have considered all the essential aspects.

Interwoven processes

Trade compliance is crucial in international supply chains, but it is also complex because it touches on various departments within manufacturers and suppliers. As a result, the trade compliance obligations are tightly interwoven in processes both within and between companies.

Do you want to know whether your supply chain is trade compliant? Pincvision, which supports multinational companies in international compliance issues, and Supply Chain Media have developed this practical checklist for cross-border trade. Complete the checklist for compliance processes in the supply chain and find out whether your company is exposed to any risks or potential delays.

Download: Checklist for trade compliance in the supply chain

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