Checklist for supply chain talent management

Checklist for supply chain talent management

Checklist: 10 questions about retaining talented employees

Talented high potentials are four times more productive than other employees. A fierce battle is raging among companies to recruit these professionals, including for supply chain roles. While it is difficult enough to find and attract the right people, it’s an even bigger challenge to keep them motivated and loyal once they are on board. 

A global survey of CEOs in 2016 predicted a 10% shortage in high-skilled roles in Europe and the US by 2020. Only 7% of the Fortune 500 companies believe in their ability to retain their high potentials, and almost 75% of the employees have considered switching to a different employer. People currently spend an average of 4.4 years in the same role, but in the case of the younger generation it’s as little as two years. These figures underline the need to invest in order to keep talent on board.

Opportunities for self-development

High potentials indicate four main reasons for wanting to join and stay at a company: a great boss, a great company, a great role and great rewards. A learning and development programme plays a decisive role in all four of these aspects. The key to long-term job satisfaction is giving employees opportunities to work on their own personal and professional development. Besides that, this enables employees to make better use of their talents and offers them the chance to become really good at what they do.

Download the Checklist for supply chain talent management

Involvation and Supply Chain Media have put together this useful checklist for talent management in supply chain. Answer these ten questions to evaluate the success of your company’s approach to developing your high potentials.

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