Checklist for advanced supply chain visibility

Visual checklist for advanced supply chain visibility

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a range of supply chain disruptions including port congestion, skyrocketing customer demand, limited resources and a slew of other unprecedented scenarios. To mitigate these disruptions successfully, companies need more supply chain visibility – preferably in real time.

According to a survey conducted by Supply Chain Movement among manufacturing and retail companies in Europe in mid-2020, solutions for end-to-end supply chain visibility are at the top of the IT investment list. Gartner predicts that, by 2023, 50% of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platforms. The research and analysis firm points out that visibility not only provides benefits internally to the transportation organization, customer service department and the warehouse, but also benefits the customers who are increasingly demanding these types of insights into their shipments.

Complex networks

Supply chain visibility software tracks raw materials, parts, components and finished goods from suppliers to manufacturers, retailers, distributors and customers. This type of software is used to improve transparency in complex supply chain networks, which increases the quality of the products and services delivered. Companies use supply chain visibility solutions to optimize inventory levels and transportation activities, which translates into increased profitability.

To really qualify as supply chain visibility, this application should track products at various stages, such as shipping, in transit and delivery. It must automate operations across the entire supply chain, improving product fulfilment and reducing lead times. This software optimizes the use of products through reallocation and monitors supplier and carrier performance. It finds the optimal transportation model at the best price and identifies and addresses transportation disruptions. Additionally, this type of software manages the documents required for transportation and supports analysis of the efficiency of supply chain activities.

Download the checklist for advanced supply chain visibility

Supply chain software vendor project44 and Supply Chain Movement have drawn up a checklist to determine whether your company has sufficient supply chain visibility to remain agile during uncertain times. Answer these 10 questions to find out whether your company’s shipment information is limited, adequate or advanced.