Checklist end-to-end visibility

Checklist end-to-end visibility

10 questions about inbound logistics

Are your inbound activities communicated clearly and is there visibility for all stakeholders? Pro Alliance and Supply Chain Media have developed this checklist to help you find out.

Outstanding convenience, personalization and an integrated omnichannel experience – that’s what customers expect in the current era of fast-paced technological advancement. Nevertheless, supply chain optimization is lagging behind – despite holding the key to winning the hearts of those increasingly demanding customers.

Checklist end-to-end visibility through real-time communication

Even nowadays, supply chains are still largely organized around functional silos, with a single line of communication in each direction. As a result, like it or not, everyone becomes part of the game of Chinese whispers; as information is passed along the chain, it can sometimes become so distorted that the final recipient can only guess at the original version and its significance. The solution? To stop whispering and start collaborating, loud and clear. Establishing a single source of truth and a circle instead of a chain ensures that everyone involved is talking about the same thing. In today’s fragmented and increasingly globalized supply chains, strong communication across company boundaries provides the framework for a healthy relationship.

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