Checklist dock scheduling

checklist dock scheduling

10 questions about loading and unloading

Is the loading and unloading of trucks a bottleneck for your supply chain? Alpega and Supply Chain Media have created this checklist to help you assess whether your organization could benefit from a better slot booking process.

Although sometimes overlooked, slot booking is a pivotal link in the supply chain, representing a vital touchpoint for warehouses, carriers and shippers. So much hinges on the loading and unloading process that businesses which optimize their slots, for example, can gain a huge competitive advantage.


In terms of sheer cost, preventing congestion and avoiding trucks having to wait around is a real money-saver, especially as drivers are becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Customer satisfaction is also dependent on slot booking. Shippers who are able to offer predictable delivery times are in high demand. Automating the dock scheduling process increases delivery accuracy, not to mention saving time and money.


Download: Checklist dock scheduling

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