Partner Presentation Slimstock

Trends, Whitepaper

Jan Kraaijeveld, Slimstock: ‘How to improve inventory with supply chain tactics?’

Based on which criteria do I create an ABC? And how can I differentiate on service level? We also show how you develop the right knowledge in your company and ensure that teams improve to …

Partner Presentation Zetes

Trends, Whitepaper

Jeremy Linders, Zetes: ‘Asset tracking in your supply chain’

Missing crates, bins, trailers, containers, tools or any other assets are crucial to operations and can lead to disruptions in your production or logistics process and increases operational cost. Having visibility on the location of …

Partner Presentation Oracle - Enrique Lopez-Tello

Trends, Whitepaper

Enrique Lopez-Tello, Oracle: ‘Getting to the next normal with IBP & Execution

The key supply chain lesson of COVID-19 is that when market conditions change fast, being prepared matters more than ever. Leveraging systems that support visibility, rapid decision-making, and flexible response. Because when an unexpected world …

Partner Presentation Anaplan Mike Detample

Trends, Whitepaper

Mike Detampel, Anaplan: ‘Digital demand management: The new normal’

Understanding and shaping demand for products proves to be one of the most challenging endeavors for supply chain professionals. A customer-centric demand management process enables companies to identify the drivers of demand for their customers …

Webinar Elemica Network TMS


Recording SCM webinar The Network TMS with Elemica

Supply Chain Media and Elemica organized the webinar Network TMS on Thursday October 16. Is your organization challenged by rising freight rates, driver shortages, tight truck capacity, or changing customer demands? Obtain insights on what a …

Key differentiators of the supply chain control tower


Whitepaper MPO: Key Differentiators Control Tower 2020

Achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility has fast become a priority in this moment of disruption. But as industry leaders turn to digital Control Tower options on the market, they discover wide-ranging capabilities and often limited …

Trend Vision Arvato Marcus Karten

Trends, Whitepaper

Trend vision Arvato: E-commerce is the most impactful trend

The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the pace of advancement in the already dynamic e-commerce sector. All kinds of businesses, and especially B-to-C companies, have little choice but to adapt their activities in line with a …

Trend Vision Rhenus Alphons van Erven

Trends, Whitepaper

Trend vision Rhenus Logistics: Continuity at the top of the agenda

How can you maintain your service to customers in times of supply chain disruption? Continuity-related issues are currently high on the agenda for businesses and have resulted in several shifts in supply chain strategy, such …

Trend Vision Every Angle Richard den Ouden

Trends, Whitepaper

Trend vision Every Angle: The need for long-term vision

The coronavirus crisis is having a significant impact on all supply chain organizations. They are all experiencing unprecedented disruption, whether in the shape of a sudden surge in customer demand or an unexpected decline. How …

Trend Vision Oracle Marcel Kars

Trends, Whitepaper

Trend vision Oracle: Radical changes in supply chain

The coronavirus crisis has turned the market on its head and businesses have found themselves confronted with a new reality. Above all, the crisis has demonstrated the crucial importance of continuous innovation and the ability …

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