‘Dining in the dark’ of supply chain risks

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‘Dining in the dark’ of supply chain risks

I’ve always wanted to try the ‘dining in the dark’ concept, so when I saw an advertisement for a pop-up ‘dining in the dark’ event in my hometown I jumped at the chance to make …

visibility and response

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BDO: ‘Customers want service, not excuses’

Customers want service, not excuses for disruptions, cautions R.J. Romano, Global Supply Chain Executive & Consultant at US-based BDO Supply Chain Advisory. That’s why visibility technology is vital for manufacturers, he says. Companies that let difficult …

visual Roadmap to Real-time Multimodal Visibility

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Roadmap to Real-time Multimodal Visibility

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a supply chain that is efficient, reliable and transparent is more important than ever. Achieving real-time multimodal visibility is key to unlocking the full potential of a supply chain, …


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Saint-Gobain: “Refreshing ideas supply chain start-ups give you extra energy”

When French multinational Saint-Gobain was looking for a solution to its operational supply chain planning challenges, Supply Chain Director Josep Tascon Estrada contacted the start-up Flowlity and eventually decided to launch a pilot. In this …


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Lululemon makes inventory data available in the cloud

With the help of RFID partner Nedap, Lululemon is making its inventory data available in the cloud. The sportswear and accessories company aims to improve its customers’ omnichannel shopping experience across its network of more …


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Where does blockchain go from here?

Implementation of blockchain in supply chain seems to have reached an impasse. What’s next for the technology born from the world of cryptocurrency? Since it made the leap about six years ago from the then-obscure …

Dan Mitchell

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Whitepaper: Build supply chain agility through digitization

No one in any industry or the culture at large would deny that the world is highly connected. Everything from smartphone apps and social media algorithms to artificial intelligence and machine learning is simply part …


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Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Minespider

Minespider is a blockchain-based traceability platform for mining and raw materials tracking. The supply chain start-up was founded by Nathan Williams in Berlin, Germany, in 2018. Based on the vision of a world where tracked, responsible …


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Scania explores tracking & tracing for incoming goods

Truck manufacturer Scania Group plans to start tracking & tracing incoming goods and is currently testing a solution by InnoTractor. This Dutch start-up is using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help Scania gain insight …

supply chain executives

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The supply chain executive’s agenda keeps growing

The supply chain executive’s agenda is increasingly expanding. What’s more, there continues to be wide gaps between prioritized supply chain topics and their actual implementation. These findings come from the third edition of the IMD …

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