Howard Saunders

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Howard Saunders: ‘The customer experience depends on people’

Retail as we know it is dead, if retail futurist Howard Saunders (pictured) is to be believed. We live in an era of change, and retailers will have to change too if they are to …

Savant Supply Chain Congres


British retailer John Lewis: ‘Consumers are in charge of the supply chain’

Is logistics the new retail? That’s the question according to John Munnelly, Head of Operations at UK department-store chain John Lewis, during his keynote at the Savant Supply Chain Congress on 3 October 2018 in Amsterdam. In …


Software, Trends

Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Tradecloud

Founded in 2013 in Delft, the Netherlands, by Tonnis de Boer (CEO, pictured) and Marcel Matthijs (CTO), Tradecloud is based on the belief that technology and big data analysis can help companies to improve their …



‘Digitalization success is all about the mindset’

Where should you board the digitalization roller coaster? Gartner’s hype cycle shows a steep climb followed by a drop to the trough of disillusionment. How can you keep sufficient momentum going to emerge from the …

Martin Verwijmeren (MPO)

Partners, Trends

Trend vision MPO: ‘Optimizing customer service with micro supply chains’

A better service level, faster delivery, more choice and less inventory – that is what a leading global contract manufacturer, called for the sake of this article ‘Design-To-Deliver’, wanted to offer its customers. Design-To-Deliver (DTD) also wanted to keep its costs …

Mourad Tamoud

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Mourad Tamoud, Schneider: “The entire supply chain on renewable energy by 2025”

The immense rate at which technology and innovation accelerates leaves many in supply chain breathless. As executive vice president for global supply chain operations of Schneider Electric, Mourad Tamoud aims to keep pace by implementing …


Sustainability, Trends

PepsiCo signs supply agreement for sustainable PET

PepsiCo Inc. in the USA has signed a multi-year supply agreement with Loop Industries Inc., a leading technology innovator in sustainable plastic founded in 2015 and based in Montréal, Canada. The deal secures production capacity …


Sustainability, Trends

Audi becomes first car maker to achieve ASI sustainability certification

Audi has become the first car manufacturer worldwide to receive certification from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The certificate has been awarded for the sustainable battery housing of the Audi e-tron. The ASI Performance Standard certification …


Software, Trends

Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: FretLink

In line with its motto, ‘Shipment made simpler’, FretLink connects shippers and carriers through software as a service (SaaS) and a mobile application for drivers. It not only provides more visibility for everyone in the …



DB revolutionizes precise deliveries with What3words

Logistics companies around the world face a global challenge: imprecise addressing. Large sites such as factories, warehouses or events spaces often have several access points, making specific drop-off locations or delivery entrances extremely hard to …

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