Trend visions

Trend visions

Trend Vision Involvation Egge Haak

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Trend vision Involvation: Gain a different perspective

The impact of the coronavirus crisis on the supply chain calls for a different approach. The traditional demand-forecasting methods no longer suffice. This is making it more important to have visibility of the downstream supply …

Meinderdjan Botman

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Trend vision DSV: ‘Collaboration – including with competitors – is key to future success’

Consumer buying behaviour is changing and the market is restless. Why exactly? Which challenges does this pose for businesses? And where should we look to find solutions? Meinderdjan Botman, CCO of DSV Solutions, provides his …

André Vriens

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Trend vision EyeOn: ‘No-touch S&OP: The future starts here’

The world is less predictable than it used to be. There is less brand loyalty among consumers, and growing combinations of products, channels and customers are making companies' product portfolios ever-more complex. According to André …

DSV Solutions

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Trend vision DSV: ‘Smart marketing campaigns and 3D printing help to reduce working capital’

Long payment terms are an ongoing issue in the supply chain and third-party logistics world according to Meinderdjan Botman, Chief Commercial Officer of DSV Solutions. Until supply chain finance is fully embraced and rolled out, credit periods will …

Trend vision Transwide

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Trend vision Transwide: ‘Saving costs by digitalizing’

A leading global player in the chemical industry wanted to achieve full supply chain visibility as well as automating the workflow. Besides that, the company was keen to improve the performance of the entire transport chain. Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of Transwide …

Trend visions

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