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IoT-enabled carbon footprint monitoring supports supply chain sustainability

To help organizations account for the impact of their logistics processes in the environmental analysis of their supply chains, Zürich-based Arviem AG has developed an innovative, IoTenabled, real-time carbon footprint monitoring service for logistics. By …

Mind Map Strategic Transport Optimization

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Mindmap Strategic Transport Optimization

Supply Chain Movement, together with Ortec, international provider of advanced planning software, has created a mind map strategic transport optimization, to outline the route, including road signs indicating potential hazards along the way. Companies are …

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Seven steps to support a sustainable S&OP culture

S&OP is a long term game, if not a never ending continuous improvement game. More than once, I’ve witnessed well working S&OP processes collapse within months after a merger, restructure, leadership change or other significant …

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Trends & Strategies in Logistics and SCM

2013 Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Embracing Global Logistics Complexity to Drive Market Advantage The key results of this study by BVL International on trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain …

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S&OP – a major driver in maximizing business profitability?

Increasing market dynamics and volatility put more emphasis on achieving planning excellence and raise the general level of attention for this topic. Although a recognized concept for many years, comprehensive deployment of S&OP has only …

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The Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2012

This is the third consecutive year that SCM World has published its annual Chief Supply Chain Officer Report. In July 2012 almost 1,400 practitioners from a wide range of industries and geographies completed a 40-question …

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The Chief Supply Chain Officer’s Perspective

It is an exciting and a challenging time for chief supply chain officers. Recognition of their function’s importance has increased markedly in recent years. The supply chain is playing a more central role in coping …

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Ecodesk 2011 Sustainability Transport & Logistics Report

The Ecodesk 2011 Sustainability Transport & Logistics Report is a thorough analysis of sustainability data and strategy, affecting the Transport & Logistics industry. The report includes a detailed analysis of 12 of the world's major …

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Green Supply Chain: from awareness to action

Results of our European survey “Green Supply Chain : from awareness to action” by BearingPoint are now available in a new White Paper. Main facts and figures are: • 70% of surveyed companies declare that green Supply Chain …

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Supply Chain Movement Q2 – Sustainability Special

Supply Chain Movement Q2 – Sustainability Special 12             PROFILE PETER BRIGGEMAN "Expect the unexpected" Thanks to the opportunities on offer within Eastman Chemical, Peter Briggeman - having started his career at the bottom of the ladder - was able …

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