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Recording & slide deck Streamliner | inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2022

Discover how you get order visibility and stakeholder collaboration across your supply network … Supply Made Social Speaker: Kris Van Ransbeek, Chairman Supply chains have been digitalised, via different functional systems like ERP, WMS, TMS etc… However, this …

Recording & slide deck Blue Ridge

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Recording & slide deck GoodShipping | inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2022

How to decarbonize your freight emissions Speaker: Katarin van Orshaegen, Commercial Manager Goodshipping The adoption of CO2 emissions reduction solutions is accelerating globally, but the maritime supply chain is seriously lagging behind. Katarin explained how to make it …

Recording & slide deck Blue Ridge

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Recording & slide deck BigMile | inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2022

Saving costs decarbonizing the supply chain Speaker: Sven Poot, Business Development Manager at BigMile Sven Poot, business development manager at BigMile, shared best practices and industry examples of lowering the transport-related carbon footprint by optimizing supply chain planning. About …

Planning & Fulfilment

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Supply Chain Movement 45 | Planning & Fulfilment

The main theme of the Q2, 2022 issue of quarterly Supply Chain Movement is Planning & Fulfilment. Download this issue for free below. Publication Date: May 27, 2022 6 | News & Background Constant change and disruptions have …


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More sustainable transport starts with measuring carbon emissions and using biofuel

Every supply chain manager knows that one of the most obvious ways to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain is through transport. However, few take action because it’s regarded as a lot of hassle, …

supply chain planning

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Speed is a crucial factor in supply chain planning

Today’s numerous supply chain disruptions are forcing companies to re-evaluate their sales & operations planning (S&OP) or integrated business planning (IBP) processes. How effective are they at helping to solve the current challenges? Suppliers of …


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No one-size-fits-all solution exists for visibility

At least six of the 13 partner companies of Supply Chain Media’s inNOWvate Supply Chain Event are focused on supply chain visibility. During the event on 19 May, they were united in their overarching message …


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Insight is key for more sustainable decision-making

Creating a more sustainable supply chain starts with gaining more insight into current performance. ‘To measure is to know’, as the saying goes, and that forms the basis for improvement. The numerous start-ups that are …


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Promising start-ups and scale-ups unlock the power of data

How can you extract valuable insights from a mountain of data without requiring a room full of data analysts? The six most promising supply chain start-ups and scale-ups are using new technologies such as machine …


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Responsibly wins fifth European Supply Chain Start-up Contest

The Danish start-up Responsibly has won the fifth European Supply Chain Start-up Contest during the inNOWvate Supply Chain Event in Ede, the Netherlands, on 19 May 2022. This prestigious contest is an initiative of Supply …

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