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Supply Chain Movement issue 32 – Start-ups & Consulting

Contents Supply Chain Movement 32 - 2019 Q1 Date of appearance: March 1st, 2019 6 | News & background What is the best approach to innovation in the current era of digitalization? A number of high-profile keynote speakers …

sustainable economy

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The power of purchasing to drive a sustainable economy

To really improve sustainability, companies must look beyond their own in-house activities. On average, a company’s supply chain accounts for 5.5 times as many greenhouse gas emissions as its own operations. These figures come from a …

last-mile delivery

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Grocery retailers need to optimize last-mile delivery

Today’s consumer products firms and retailers in the food and grocery segment need to optimize their last-mile delivery processes in order to catch up with consumer demand while also mitigating associated profitability risks. That is …

supply chain capabilities

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Retailers’ digital supply chain capabilities are underprepared for core challenges

Board members (‘C-suite executives’) of retail companies are struggling to tackle core digital transformation challenges due to a lack of supply chain visibility and reliable data, according to a recent report. A survey has revealed …

digital supply chain report

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Digital supply chain report reveals gap between expectations and reality

Cost savings and new revenue opportunities are the top goals for supply chain digitization, and large organizations are running an average of 29 different pre-deployment digital supply chain initiatives. Due to a lack of focus, …

ethics KPIs

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No ethics KPIs for 90% of companies globally

Less than 10% of companies worldwide report on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to business ethics. The transportation, storage and manufacturing sectors all score significantly below the global average, putting them at a high risk …

supply chain innovation

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How can supply chain innovation unlock business growth?

In this age of disruption, sustainable growth will only come from more radical thinking – especially in mature economies where growth no longer comes easily, according to UK-based research and training organization IGD. The Supply …

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Supply Chain Movement issue 31 – Globalization & Visibility

Contents Supply Chain Movement 31 – 2018 Q4 Date of appearance: November 23rd, 2018 6 | News & background 10 | Supply Chain Map Europe 12 | Profile Joost Donkers, FrieslandCampina When he was younger he wanted to become a …

ground transportation

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“Investment in ground transportation will directly support company growth”

75% of companies believe that spending time and resources to improve their ground transportation will directly help sales. These and other findings – from a DHL Supply Chain survey of more than 200 transportation decision-makers …


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European manufacturing industry expects massive boost from AI

Industrial companies in Europe regard artificial intelligence as one of the main drivers of growth, in particular due to the opportunities it offers for greater efficiency, flexibility and differentiation. That is a key takeaway from …

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