Excellence in Supply Chain Sustainability

The more companies engage in pollution prevention activities in production and in sustainable development, the better their economic performance is. The more companies pursue activities, such as switching modes of transportation or fleet modernisation, the …

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Supply Chain Movement Q1 2011 – Visibility Special

12         PROFILE JOHN VAN DONGEN Treat others as you would have them treat you: If you want to organise the supply chain properly, you have to take responsibility for the whole chain, end-to-end, says John van …


Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Report 2011

Over 50% of an average corporation’s carbon emissions are typically from the supply chain rather than within its own four walls. Managing supply chain emissions is therefore critical if we are going to address climate …


New rules for a new decade with smarter supply chains

A vision for smarter supply chain management Rapport van IBM Institue for Business Value, October 2010 Three new supply chain management rules help counter complexity and demand variability and help restore supply chain stability: 1. Know the customer …


The challenges ahead for supply chains

Senior executives say their companies manage key trade-offs well, yet see barriers to better performance: rising risk, lack of collaboration, and low CEO involvement. As economies around the world step back from the financial brink …


CEOs struggling with supply chain sustainability

According to a recent study by Accenture entitled ‘A New Era of Sustainability’, sustainability has made it to the top of almost every CEOs agenda. The study was carried out among 766 CEOs the world …


Supply Chain Resilience 2010

Business Continuity Management is proving to be an effective technique to better understand supply chain dependencies and develop a robust strategy to deal with disruption. BCM provides a practical and proven methodology to ensure an …

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More supply chain managers at board level

The function of supply chain management is now represented at board level within over two thirds of all companies. The two factors that most significantly impact the supply chain are customers and costs. Although there is …


Supply Chain Management and the Executive Agenda

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and supply chain consultancy firm TruEconomy have launched a research community to bring together business professionals and academics to develop ideas, practical principles and critical thinking in the area …

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