Net Positive

Books, Sustainability

‘Net Positive’ is an absolute must-read for every manager

There has been a revolution in the world of management books. Whereas in the past they were mainly about improving performance, being agile and becoming more efficient, today they are invariably about reducing the carbon …

Circular Supply Chain

Books, Sustainability

Easy-to-read book about supply chain circularity

Supply chain circularity is not an easy topic, but Deborah Dull succeeds in bringing it to life with a sense of humour in the cheerful and light-hearted book 'Circular Supply Chain'. “Circularity is a great, big, …


Books, Visibility

Presenting blockchain as the long-awaited turning point in supply chain management

In the recently published book called Integrating blockchain into supply chain management, the phenomenon of blockchain is skilfully stripped of its vague and abstract outer layer. The four authors explain in no uncertain terms how …


Books, Visibility

How can blockchain be rescued from the trough of disillusionment?

Blockchain – which is widely regarded as the biggest revolution since the emergence of the internet – is currently in a dip, or the ‘trough of disillusionment’ as research and analysis firm Gartner calls it. …

Rita McGrath


Rita McGrath, author of Seeing Around Corners: ”Digitalization is a step-by-step process”

How can companies recognize so-called inflection points in their business? In her book titled Seeing Around Corners, Professor Rita McGrath explains how executives can anticipate major changes for their organizations, and how a distributor in …

Blockchain: The Next Everything

Books, Content, Visibility

People & Technology: Blockchain: The Next Everything

What is blockchain? Why does everyone from tech experts to business moguls to philanthropists believe it is a paradigm-shifting technology, bound to revolutionize society as significantly as the internet? Indeed, why is blockchain touted as …

Blockchain and the Supply Chain

Books, Content, Visibility

Education: Blockchain and the Supply Chain

Blockchain can transform companies when successfully integrated into existing supply chain ecosystems and practices. The key benefits include dispute resolution, foolproof track and trace, event management, operational as well as financial transparency, speed to market, …

Transition Point

Books, Content

Magnum opus: Transition Point

We live in disruptive times. The world is changing faster than ever before, leaving people dazed, businesses struggling, economies floundering and societies fracturing. But why? Starting with an examination into the drivers of technological change …

The Technology Trap

Books, Content, Software

History & Economy: Putting Industry 4.0 in a historic perspective

The Technology Trap takes a closer look at how innovations are adopted and draws parallels between the past and the present. The book sets out to explain why people resisted the use of new technologies …

Transforming Supply Chains

Books, Content

Education: Supply chain management as an ongoing process

Transforming Supply Chains is a response to the increasingly complex and demanding environments in which today’s companies operate. In the book, this is illustrated by some familiar examples such as the automotive industry; a car …

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