BP launches new on-demand delivery service


BP is launching its own on-demand delivery service in the Netherlands, called BP2you. The first city to go live is Utrecht, initially for a six-month trial period. Customers will be able to order food and drink for delivery from their local BP petrol station to an address of their choice. In an extension of the trial, customers will also be able to select BP as the initial delivery address for their parcels, which will then be forwarded on to them at a more convenient time.

The BP petrol station in the Galgenwaard neighbourhood is serving as the delivery hub initially. Customers can use the new BP2you app to order, pay for and arrange delivery of items within a maximum radius of 4.5 kilometres from the location. The orders are then delivered by bicycle courier within 30 minutes. The trial started on 4 November. The BP2you app is available for free download via Google Play and the Apple App store.

This pilot project responds to the ‘millennial mindset’ and consumer behaviour in terms of ordering food and drink for home delivery, and BP regards Utrecht as the ideal location. After all, the city has a high percentage of residents in the right demographic (which includes students and young professionals). Additionally, because Utrecht is a flat and compact city, the bicycle is the perfect mode of transport for deliveries.

Making optimal use of infrastructure

The BP2you trial is aligned with BP’s advanced mobility ambition to find new and better ways of giving people access to the products they need. Ruben Beens, CEO of BP in the Netherlands, states: “We are responding to the changing habits of consumers who want more convenience in their busy lives. For us, BP2you is a logical next step in our offering. We’re making optimal use of our existing retail locations and infrastructure to give people what they want, when and where they want it.”

If the pilot project is a success, BP will proceed to roll out BP2you, first in the Netherlands and subsequently in other European countries.