Bolsius drives supply chain transformation

Bolsius, a European candle producer, wants to transform their operation into a fully integrated, demand driven supply chain.  This involves synchronizing their long, medium and short term planning cycles and using each planning cycle to integrate all aspects of their end-to-end supply chain. The company therefore has embraced AIMMS PRO, an enterprise platform for planning and optimization, to optimize the supplychain. This was announced in a press release of 18 November 2013.

Bolsius has a rich history as a candle manufacturer, boasting a 140-year long track record. The company has over 1.000 employees and exports to more than 50 countries. In the past months, Bolsius has gained experience in working with AIMMS by developing and deploying several optimization applications. One of these applications is in the area of production personnel rostering, another one addresses strategic network design, scenario evaluation and optimization. “For Bolsius mathematical optimization is a new way to improve service and lower costs. AIMMS helps us in making complex problems transparent and thereby making better decisions,” says Bas Kersten, Supply Chain Manager at Bolsius International.

After a positive hands-on trial period, the experience with AIMMS was such that Bolsius decided to scale up and deploy the AIMMS PRO enterprise app store. Bolsius will be equipped to rapidly respond to changes in demand, supply or production, allowing them to choose on the spot between several optimized scenarios. Responses will include for instance, workforce and production planning over different locations.