Beyond Performance Management: from ERP to Lean

In ‘Beyond Performance Management’, Jeremy Hope and Steve Player describe a wide variety of methods for managing performance, including the Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking, Activity-Based Costing and Customer Relationship Management. It is a shame that supply chain management as such is not included among them.

Lean, Six Sigma, Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Analytics

Nevertheless, the authors do cover the Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Rolling Forecast methodologies, and the IT systems Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Analytics. Each of the 34 chapters features a particular approach including a clear description and practical tips. Unfortunately, the authors do not present a complete overview of all the methods and how they overlap, or even clash, with one another – that would have made this a really thought-provoking book.

‘Beyond Performance Management’ (2012), by Jeremy Hope & Steve Player. Published by Harvard Business Review Press, 387 pages, € 27.99

Rating: ***